Sunday, January 20, 2013

This table's got curves!

Hello! I hope you are all having a nice weekend. I've been busy cleaning because I've had a recent need to clear out my guest room where this table has been sitting for months.  It's one that my sister got at a thrift store for about 5 bucks!

I hauled it downstairs, turned on my most recent television obsession, Parks and Recreation, and started painting.  The table was in pretty good shape, but the veneer color just wasn't cutting it.  I like the curvy legs but the style of the table doesn't work in my home, so I knew that I wanted to try to sell it when it was done.  Because I too lazy to go buy paint, I scoured through my cabinet and found the left over blue gray from this dresser.  

If you are looking for a very good quality, easy to apply paint for furniture or cabinets, try Benjamin Moore's Advance line.  It is quite expensive at around $18 for a quart (if I remember right), but it goes a long way since it covers so fabulously!  I only had to do one coat over my primer on this table. It also has an extended open-time which means fewer brush marks and low VOC's so if you paint indoors like I do, there is much less odor.  They also claim that you don't need to add a protective coat because of how hard the finish dries so it is a time saver for sure!  

So after a coat of primer, a coat of Wedgewood Gray, and a coat of black glaze to antique it a bit, here is the final product!  


Much better than the before don't you think?  I used the original brass hardware, just polished it up using equal parts vinegar, flour and salt. You apply the paste to the hardware and let sit for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse off and polish with a clean cloth.  It actually works really well to get rid of the tarnish and bring back the shine!   



  1. Looks good! I wish we lived closer and I could pay you to fix up my vanity and dresser.