Monday, March 18, 2013

Ombre Painted Canvas

Hi everyone!  I haven't posted in quite a while because I've been in the middle of my move to Bend.  I'm finally feeling a bit more settled and had a chance to work on a little DIY project for my bathroom so I thought I would share.  The shower curtain I found at World Market inspired the palette for my bathroom.  My all time favorite color is teal, so it is very me.  I needed some artwork in there and have seen people do ombre painted canvases on Pinterest so I gave it a try and think it turned out fabulously.  It is super quick and easy to do, not to mention very affordable!  

I bought a 16" x 20" canvas at JoAnn's and some acrylic paint in a dark teal.  I ended up mixing in some other colors (black and midnight blue) to get an even darker version.  I taped off the sides of the canvas and then did two stripes of the original color on either side of the canvas.  Next, I mixed in some white for a lighter shade and painted my next stripes.  

I repeated that two more times, with the lightest shade being the middle stripe.  

After only about 10 minutes, the piece was done and I peeled off the tape to see the finished product!  It's the perfect addition to my bathroom, don't ya think?