Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magazine Rack and Candlesticks

So in my last post about thrifting, I showed you some of the items I found while out shopping last Thursday.  After a busy week, I finally had time to finish up the two projects that came out of that trip to the local thrift stores.  At Goodwill, I spotted this old magazine rack that was not in great condition, to say the least.  The wood was chipped and there were lots of scratches and dents, but I saw potential.     

Mark and I's magazine situation is out of control.  He is a hoarder (don't tell him I said that) of magazines among other things.  Right now we have stacks of them piled on our end tables, in closets, and on the floor in the spare bedroom.  So I figured we should have a better way of organizing the ones we actually look at in our living room.  First, I sanded the piece as best I could, spray painted the primer on and painted it with left over paint from this dresser.  

I wasn't happy with the way the color looked on this piece, so I mixed some of that peacock blue paint I picked up at ReStore last week, and to my surprise it turned into a really pretty periwinkle blue.  I loved it!  After another 2 coats of paint, this is the final product.  I am feeling inspired to redo my living room in greys, periwinkle, mint green or aqua and pale yellow.  First step, a new sofa and area rug! 

The other items I picked up that day were a pair of candlesticks.  I have some candles that I have been wanting to use in my bedroom, but haven't been able to find any candlesticks I like for a reasonable price.  Even at TJ Maxx (which is one of my favorite stores for home decor) they were about $12 each, and for someone on a budget, $24 is a lot of money for candlesticks.  I came across these at a thrift store for $2.50 for the pair...perfect!

New life was given with a little primer and 2 coats of metallic spray paint left over from the hardware on my dresser!


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