Friday, November 16, 2012

The Table From H-E-Double Hockeysticks

With this table redo, I finally just had to put the paint brush down and call it done.  I'll get to why it is the table from HELL in just a moment.

My sister got this table at a thrift store for $5 (and I think it was another 20% off). It's real low - too low if you ask me - but for $5, I figured it was good enough for a revamp project. It was another one that sat in my guest room for a few months while I tried to get some inspiration. I finally decided to fix it up and give it to my sis for her birthday so I wanted to paint it cream with a black top to tie into her black coffee table. Here's the before pictures.

I actually tried to pry off that diamond shaped detailing around the legs but had no such luck.  That was the first of the obstacles.  In order to paint the base and top different colors, I spray painted the base cream first and let that dry.  I then used black garbage bags to tape off the base so that just the top was visible and painted that black. 


Sounds easy enough right?  Wrong.  Most of my problems stemmed from not letting the paint cure long enough before moving on to another step.  I found finger prints in the paint from moving the table from outside where I was painting to inside out of the impending rain.  I chipped the paint on the sliding door bringing it in at one point.  I ran out of black paint and had to wait a few days until it was nice enough to paint outside again.  Ugh...I felt like I was never going to get it done! 
I also had to add wood filler to the existing holes for the hardware, since I didn't want to use the original and my new pull needed different holes drilled.
There are still spots that I should really touch up, but I am calling it good on this one. My sister can use it until she gets tired of it, and then she can throw it out. ;)

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