Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Traditional Living Room

Hey everyone!  I thought I would share a few before and after photos from a design project I just finished up.  The clients recently moved into the home they plan to retire in.  The living room was the main focus of their project, but we did make changes to most of the other rooms in their home as well.  Here are the before's of the living room.  The pictures I took were more for me to be able to reference for layout and wall color so the angles aren't great.  I'll remember to take better ones next time.

The clients used the words 'warm' and 'traditional' repeatedly when they described how they wanted their home to look and feel.  They had furniture that they moved over from their previous home, but it didn't quite evoke those warm feelings.  I used golds, deep reds, and traditional style furniture in the space and they absolutely love the way the room turned out.  I had so much fun on this project because they really put their trust in me to make their home reflect their tastes.  It definitely isn't MY style, but it's not my home.  

We didn't have the artwork hung when I took the after pictures so imagine a beautiful Tuscan painted landscape hanging behind the sofa. :)  

Also, the accessorizing is done by the client.  She is working on filling up those bookcases and adding more accessories on the mantle.  I'll add more pictures later if the artwork we ordered comes in before I move away from Corvallis.  :)  

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