Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Living Room Art on a Budget

Disclaimer: I am not a professional artist.

So don't judge me if YOU are.  I have never even taken an art class - design classes excluded because we didn't learn how to paint in those.  But, for my mom's 50th birthday bedroom redo, I attempted my first ever canvas and acrylic paint project.  That one was more of an abstract and I got inspiration from a piece I found online called Purple Rain I by Lanie Loreth.  Looking back, I would probably change it a bit, but here it is in her room.

And for my second ever canvas paint project, I made a piece for my living room.  I found inspiration in a piece that I really liked at work, but even with my discount it would have been $250.  Maybe someday I will be able to afford that for a piece of art, but not right now!  So I took a stab at making my own with acrylic paint and a canvas that I picked up on sale at Michaels.  

I actually really like the way the colors turned out.  There are shades of aqua, grey, navy and even some periwinkle.  The branches didn't turn out exactly like I imagined, so I may end up changing or eliminating those.  My painting skills will just have have continue to evolve with practice and this may be an ever changing piece, but for now I will enjoy it like this.  

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